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The flexibility of self-funding helps employers use their health benefit plans the way they were originally intended – to attract and retain the finest employees.  Benefits can be customized to meet your employees’ needs and to satisfy company objectives.  Integrated Benefit Partners will help you design your self-funded plan and we will handle the day-to-day plan administration.

All of our self-funded plans typically have access to a strong regional or national PPO network that offers covered persons convenient access to care.  We’ll design your company’s self-funded plan around the PPO that best meets your needs.

Consumer-directed health plan options are also compatible with self-funded plans.  For example, we can pair a high-deductible self-funded health plan with a Health Savings Account or a Health Reimbursement Arrangement.

A common but mistaken impression is that self-funding is only for large employers.  In fact, self-funded health plans can be prudently set up by smaller employers as well.  When we set up a self-funded plan for a smaller employer, we help them select the appropriate level of stop-loss or excess-loss insurance, which provides reimbursement for large catastrophic claims.  Stop-loss insurance allows smaller employers to consider this very economical approach to providing employee health benefits because it protects them from large claims.